Stainless Steel Diamond Plate

Kivort Steel offers a variety of aluminum products for fabricators, construction projects, manufacturing needs, and more in grades such as 3003, 5052, and 6061. We seek to have all preferred aluminum items in-stock and available to you at all times, however we certainly welcome special orders for uncommon or rare aluminum products.

Please click on the links below to view a list of aluminum shapes offered. These lists includes stock items and items that may be ordered and received in a day or two. We look forward to helping you place your order.

Is there a particular item not listed that you use regularly? Please let us know. We will be happy to stock it for you in the future.

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate32.12 lb
Item #ThicknessSize32.12 lb
SSDP-1/8 48 x 961/8 in48 x 96 in32.12 lb
SSDP-1/8 48 x 1201/8 in48 x 120in37.29 lb
SSDP-1/8 48 x 1441/8 in48 x 144in37.29 lb
SSDP-3/16 48 x 963/16 in48 x 96 in42.67 lb
SSDP-3/16 48 x 1203/16 in48 x 120in42.67 lb
SSDP-3/16 48 x 1443/16 in48 x 144in42.67 lb
SSDP-1/4 48 x 961/4 in48 x 96 in47.83 lb
SSDP-1/4 48 x 1201/4 in48 x 120in53.00 lb
SSDP-1/4 48 x 1441/4 in48 x 144in53.00 lb
SSDP-3/8 48 x 963/8 in48 x 96 in63.34 lb
SSDP-3/8 48 x 1203/8 in48 x 120in63.34 lb
SSDP-3/8 48 x 1443/8 in48 x 144in127.99 lb
138.66 lb