Kivort Steel supports the steel distribution needs of a number of manufacturing customers throughout the Northeast, offering a variety of services to help them create the products they seek to distribute to their intended audiences.

Our deep inventory provides a wide variety of the in-stock items manufacturers need most, covering a variety of steel types, shapes, sizes and grades of material. We’ll provide our in-stock items to you next day, and pursue quick turnaround times for any items that must be special ordered. We know your business suffers whenever there’s a delay, and we strive to provide the on-time, efficient delivery you need.

We know that your manufacturing efforts requires a tight focus on quality control. That’s why we’re prepared to provide you with mill certificates for every steel product you purchase from our warehouse. We’ll also work with our fabrication partners to ensure the tight tolerances your products require are met. We’re dedicated to making sure our steel materials work for the products and systems you are responsible for producing.

At Kivort Steel, we support manufacturers of all sizes, and require no minimum purchases. We encourage you to let us know what steel products you need and how quickly you need them. We will make sure your delivery is on time, every time, to insure there is never a stoppage in your manufacturing process.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our inventory and services.